Small Group Week 1 Notes and Questions


 6 Vital Things to Harbor Light small groups... 
1. Fellowship
2. Prayer
3. Care and Support
4. Reaching Out
5. Bible Study
6. Going out

You can see fellowship and relationship in the Trinity between Father, Son and Spirit. They Submit to and Promote each other. Fellowship is a reflection of our God. 

Revelation 3:20 "look I stand at the door and knock, if you hear my voice and allow me to come in we will sit and share a meal together as friends."

The Church needs to be a place that is safe!

The most growth in your life is ALWAYS in the context of relationships. 

Great friendships are built mostly on two things
1. Close proximity
2. Common interests

How do you generally connect with people? 
Do you feel connected with God? 
What does Revelation 3:20 communicate to you?
How do relationships with others help you connect with God?
What are some of the things that make you unique?

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