Small Groups Week 2 Notes

Prayer is a conversation between you and God

2 Kinds of prayer
1. Personal prayer - It's important to express your feelings and thoughts, and it's also very important to listen 
2. Group prayer - Praying together with others

The Lord's Prayer - Our Father prayer
MATTHEW 6:9-13
- Relational
- Honor and recognized God's attributes
- Your will be done, not mine
- Take our needs to God
- Protection
- Keeping our heart clear
- Listen

When we pray together our hearts are connected
2 Things are happening
1. You hear everyone's most important thing
2. You voice the needs/prayer. This gives authority and accountability. 

1. How would you describe prayer?
2. Do you prefer personal prayer or group prayer? Why?
3. Do you have any questions about prayer?
4. What is something you need to pray about more powerfully?
5. Can you share some examples of God answering your prayers?

1. Ask each person what is one thing we can be praying for?
2. Then pray out loud in a circle for the person on your left.
Pray Blessings!
Finish with the HOST. 

(Quick tip, please don't force anyone to share a request, or to pray out loud. Some people have some real hurts regarding past experiences with prayer and that's okay. Love them and respect them as they are. This communicates safety and kindness)


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