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Tecate, Mexico (CLOSED)

Our teams provide significant support and relationships to both the staff and children. Miseal says, "When World Servants volunteers come, they show God’s love to the children. It helps support the message that they are loved and God wants them to see this as their home for now.”

World Servants teams help with tasks identified as "urgent needs". We have built a basketball court, repaired a neighborhood swimming pool, and built classrooms and a medical clinic. In addition, we provide a 1-1/2 to 2-hour daily program for the children, focused on spending time with them through sharing a bible story, singing songs, and playing games. It’s always fun to connect with them! God uses this time to remind them how loved they are!


Chestnut Ridge, West Virginia (CLOSED)

For more than two decades, World Servants teams have been serving in several partner communities in West Virginia, located in the Appalachian mountains. Deep and abiding relationships have been established between the locals and our mission teams. Appalachia is a 200,000 square mile region including all of West Virginia and parts of 12 other states from Ohio to Alabama.


Catadupa, Jamaica (CANCELED)

For more than a decade, World Servants has been working on several different projects in Jamaica. Our trips to Jamaica are 7 days in duration. We spend approximately 4 days in the community working on a construction project, participating in Kids' Club (an activity similar to Vacation Bible School), and doing home visits to see first-hand what life is like in Jamaica.


Huaycan, Peru (CLOSED)

We will be partnering with Peru Hope and Mission Impacto to lead outreach activities such as serving meals to children, participate in experiential cross-cultural training, attend a worship service, and visit families to learn about life in Huaycan, Peru. The team will also be working to help with the next construction phase of the much needed community center and outreach center. We will work alongside the community on tasks such as hauling sand, mixing concrete, laying foundations, carpentry, finishing concrete, and possibly painting.


The team will spend their day off visiting points of interest in Lima. We will plan to visit the beach, market, and cultural city center.


Sutton, Alaska (CLOSED)

Experience God through morning devotionals, prayer and reflection, and evening campfires. Experience Community both with your group and with the people of Sutton by serving and living together. Experience Alaska's breathtaking beauty through hiking excursions and serving.


Ariri, Brazil (CLOSED)

We will be coming alongside the local community in Ariri, in conjunction with the Evangelical Mission of Assistance to Fishermen, to work on a project that assists the local fisherman and their families. We will be helping build a re- frigerated facility that will aid the fisherman in storing their daily catch and will allow them to process and sell the fish under Brazil’s new health standards. Most families do not have electricity and refrigeration in this area; therefore a cooperative holding and processing facility will help the local economy of the village and will impact 15 families directly. Meeting these physical needs opens up the door for continued Gospel outreach to this area.

In addition, the team will participate in experiential cross-cultural training before and during the trip and present the Kids’ Club in the local village. We may have the opportunity to travel to other local villages to present the Kids’ Club and work on a construction project to help local families.


Mittito Andei, Kenya (OPEN)

The team will participate in experiential cross-cultural training to begin our time together in Nairobi. We will be constructing classrooms at the Iviani school that have been damaged by high winds and wildlife from the nearby game park. We will host several events at the school and visit local families in their homes giving us the opportunity to build significant relationships.

Your assistance with this school will greatly improve the education of the approximately 150 students attending.


September 17th, 2023 - Mittito Andei, Kenya mission trip planning meeting #1


October 8th, 2023 - Mittito Andei, Kenya mission trip planning meeting #2


October 22nd, 2023 - Mittito Andei, Kenya mission trip planning meeting #3


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